Money Made Easy

Beans allows you to easily send and receive (cross-border) transactions, while earning interest on the currency of your choice.

  • Free payments

    Beans has no fees or markups on sending, receiving or converting payments internationally.

  • Instant conversion

    When sending money to a friend, Beans will know if a conversion is needed. Conversion or not, the money will arrive nearly instant.

  • Save & earn interest

    Choose in what currency you want to save and earn up to 8% yield.

  • Request & receive

    Send a payment request to your friends inside the app, trough a URL or QR code. The request and payment are both free.

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How It Works?

Beans let’s you control your own money, just like with cash in your pocket. We can do this by using blockchain technology in a very user friendly way. You don’t even notice it’s there.


Nobody other than you has access to your funds, not even us. This way, money in beans is like cash in your pocket.

Blockchain Technology

Beans is build on the Stellar network, providing state of the art functionalities to transfer money around the world.


We take away all complexity so you can just enjoy the benefits of free payments and healthy yield.

Free international payments

Send money (across borders), easier than ever before!


Payments on beans are instant, say goodbye to 3-5 days of processing time!

No Fees

Beans at this moment does not charge any fees for sending, receiving or converting money.

Automatic Currency Exchange

When you send money to a friend that prefers another currency, beans automatically converts it for you.

Save Money

Start a savings balance with interest up to 8% per year!

  • Open a savings account in dollars or even cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum or XLM.
  • Earn healthy yield trough our seamless integration with partners and DeFi protocols.
  • Spend and receive money in your home currency, while saving in another.
  • Conversion between your spendable balance and savings balance are free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Start here, or send us a message!

We are in private beta right now. We will give access to new people based on the waitlist. People on top of the waitlist will get access first. Did we mention that joining the waitlist let’s you pre-claim your username, which will be how people can find you on Beans.

We are using digital currencies and blockchain technology to take-away inefficiencies in cross-border payments and lending and borrowing.

We are exploring the integration of a token. No promises, but when we will integrate a token, our first users will of course be rewarded.

Yes, in Beans you control your own keys. We will abstract away all the complexity though, giving you a bank experience with blockchain technology. Our goal is that even our moms can use beans.

No, we are not a bank. Beans is a non-custodial wallet that makes it super simple to do free international payments using blockchain technology. You will earn yield by our seemless integration with DeFi and CeFi partners.

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